We are working on sterilizing the inside of the vehicles as a measure against

COVID-19 infection.

We are working on sterilizing the inside of the vehicles as a measure against

COVID-19 infection.

Special Transferring Plan for Returnees from Overseas

Due to the global epidemic of COVID-19, returnees from overseas cannot use public transportations.
For these passengers, Heiwa Kanko provides transportation in vehicles applied with measures to prevent the infection.

*This plan is a special plan for those infected with COVID-19.
*Application for this plan must be made by 24 hours before the pick-up time.
*You cannot make reservation within 24 hours of pick-up time.

Measures for COVID-19 infection prevention

  • Droplet prevention plate (with vehicle photo)
  • All seats are wrapped
  • Ozone deodorizer
  • Sterilization with alcohol
  • Protective clothing
  • N95mask
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
There is a partition between the driver’s seat and the customer’s seat.
All seats and floors are surface treated with vinyl
The bactericidal effect is higher than that of brushed fabric.


  • Special specification Toyota HiAce (We make a partition between driver’s seat and the back seats)
  • In this plan, we use vehicle (HiAce) with eight seats, excluding the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat.
    It is recommended for four passengers,
    And that way, you can carry more luggage.

Contact information

335-1 Goseki Sakura-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama-ken 338-0815

(24 hours a day; Accepting calls from within Japan only)

We accept all calls at our Head Office.

Payment We accept cash, bank transfer, or credit cards.


*Rates are special price for travel from our sales office assuming the use of expressway.

*Rates on the list are approximate. We will present the rates at the time of your application.

Depart from Narita Airport

Destination Rate Time required
Saitama prefecture (Southern part) Saitama city 30,000 yen 1hour 20minutes
Saitama prefecture (Northern part) Kumagaya city 40,000 yen 2hour 10minutes
Tokyo Special ward / Busan district (Musashino city and Mitaka city) Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 30,000 yen 1hour 10minutes
Tokyo (other area) Hachioji city 36,000 yen 1hour 40minutes

(excluding tax)

Seal the inside of the car and inject ozone.
It takes 2 minutes to reach the entire car.


In consideration of the time required for PCR test, we set the pick-up time three hours after the flight arriving at the airport.

We will wait free of charge for additional two hours from the scheduled pick-up time (maximum five hours in total from the flight arrival), provided that you made contact with our driver within three hours from the flight arrival.
After that time, we will charge 4,000 yen for every 30 minutes.


We do not accept operation if you are to make connection to public transportation.
(e.g., when the destination is a train station and you intend to travel on a train thereafter.)
In addition, after boarding you cannot change the destination for any reason from the one you declared at the time of application or declared to the quarantine officer.
If you request a change, we will stop the operation and handle it as a cancellation attributable to you, and will charge you 100% of the fee as cancellation fee.
As we have guidance from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, please be aware of this before making your application.

Depart from Haneda Airport

Destination Rate Time required
Aomori Prefecture Aomori City 285,000 yen 8 hour 40 minutes
Akita Prefecture Akita City 265,000 yen 7 hour 30 minutes
Iwate Prefecture Morioka City 226,000 yen 6 hour 50 minutes
Miyagi Prefecture Sendai City 148,000 yen 4 hour 40 minutes
Yamagata Prefecture Yamagata City 162,000 yen 5 hour
Fukushima Prefecture (Northern part) Fukushima City 108,000 yen 3 hour 50 minutes
Fukushima Prefecture (Southern part) Iwaki City 92,000 yen 3 hour
Ibaraki Prefecture (Northern part) Hitachi City 68,000 yen 2 hour
Ibaraki Prefecture (Southern part) Mito City 56,000 yen 1 hour 40 minutes
Tochigi Prefecture (Northern part) Nasushiobara City 70,000 yen 2 hour 30 minutes
Tochigi Prefecture (Southern part) Utsunomiya City 62,000 yen 2 hour
Gunma Prefecture (Northern part) Numata City 70,000 yen 2 hour 30 minutes
Gunma Prefecture (Southern part) Maebashi City 60,000 yen 2 hour
Saitama Prefecture (Northern part) Kumagaya City 40,000 yen 2 hour
Saitama Prefecture (Southern part) Saitama City 30,000 yen 1 hour
Chiba Prefecture Chiba City 30,000 yen 1 hour
Tokyo special ward / Busan district (Musashino city and Mitaka city) Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 15,000 yen 30 minutes
Tokyo (other area) Hachioji city 24,000 yen 1 hour
Kanagawa prefecture (Eastern area) Yokohama City 20,000 yen 30 minutes
Kanagawa prefecture (Western area) Odawara City 35,000 yen 1 hour 30 minutes
Yamanashi prefecture Kofu City 50,000 yen 2 hour
Yamanashi prefecture (Eastern area) Otsuki City 44,000 yen 1 hour 30 minutes
Nagano Prefecture (Northern part) Nagano city 90,000 yen 3hour 30minutes
Nagano Prefecture (Southern part) Suwa City 84,000 yen 2 hour 40 minutes
Niigata Prefecture Niigata City 144,000 yen 4 hour 30 minutes
Niigata Prefecture (Southern part) Uonuma City 80,000 yen 3 hour 20 minutes
Shizuoka Prefecture Shizuoka City 72,000 yen 2 hour 30 minutes
Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu city 90,000 yen 3 hour 30 minutes
Aichi Prefecture Nagoya city 128,000 yen 4 hour 30 minutes
Gifu Prefecture Gifu City 138,000 yen 5 hour
Mie Prefecture Tsu City 138,000 yen 5 hour
Toyama Prefecture Toyama City 168,000 yen 6 hour
Ishikawa Prefecture Kanazawa City 168,000 yen 6 hour 30 minutes
Fukui Prefecture Fukui City 195,000 yen 6 hour 30 minutes
Shiga Prefecture Otsu City 168,000 yen 5 hour 30 minutes
Nara Prefecture Nara city 188,000 yen 6 hour
Kyoto prefecture Kyoto City 188,000 yen 5 hour 45 minutes
Osaka prefecture Osaka City 235,000 yen 6 hour
Wakayama Prefecture Wakayama City 224,000 yen 7 hour
Hyogo prefecture Kobe City 210,000 yen 6 hour 30 minutes
Okayama Prefecture Okayama City 268,000 yen 8 hour 15 minutes
Hiroshima Prefecture Hiroshima city 290,000 yen 10 hour
Yamaguchi Prefecture Yamaguchi City 370,000 yen 11 hour 30 minutes
Tottori prefecture Tottori City 266,000 yen 8 hour 30 minutes
Shimane Prefecture Matsue City 306,000 yen 9 hour 30 minutes
Kagawa Prefecture Takamatsu City 270,000 yen 8 hour 15 minutes
Tokushima Prefecture Tokushima City 254,000 yen 8 hour
Ehime Prefecture Matsuyama City 290,000 yen 10 hour
Kochi Prefecture Kochi City 300,000 yen 9 hour 45 minutes
Fukuoka Prefecture Fukuoka City 410,000 yen 14 hour
Saga Prefecture Saga City 440,000 yen 14 hour
Nagasaki Prefecture Nagasaki City 440,000 yen 14 hour 45 minutes
Oita Prefecture Oita City 440,000 yen 14 hour
Kumamoto Prefecture Kumamoto City 460,000 yen 14 hour 30 minutes
Miyazaki Prefecture Miyazaki City 470,000 yen 17 hour
Kagoshima prefecture Kagoshima City 490,000 yen 17 hour

(excluding tax)

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